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Earth Repair – Bush regeneration contractors
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Earth Repair offers a comprehensive range of integrated and professional bushland management contracting services, with over 20 years experience in the natural resource management industry working on both small and large bush regeneration projects in the Sydney Metropolitan Area and its surrounding catchments.

Our experience carrying out bush regeneration work in a diverse variety of ecosystems and vegetation communities has provided us with the expertise to adopt the most sensitive and efficient restoration strategies. This ensures the most cost effective and sustainable outcomes for our clients who include state and local government agencies, civil and infrastructure contractors and community groups.

Earth Repair is committed to implementing best practice, minimal disturbance bush regeneration while providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff.

Through careful planning and attention to detail we combine commercial success with a respect for the ecological values of each site.

Earth Repair specialise in

  • Bush Regeneration

  • Noxious and Environmental Weed Control

  • Mine Rehabilitation

  • Revegetation

  • Riparian Restoration

  • Creek Line Re-construction

  • Wetland Restoration

  • Native Seed Collection

At Earth Repair we pay close attention to biodiversity and resilience ensuring that all native flora and fauna on our work sites are protected.  Herbicides are used as a part of an integrated weed control strategy and spraying is only carried out where there is no risk of contamination of waterways or off target damage to native flora and fauna particularly herbs and grasses.

The company’s operations are fully compliant with all relevant New South Wales and Commonwealth legislation, including: Protection of the Environmental Operations Act NSW (1997); Noxious Weeds Act (1993); Rural Fires Act (1997); Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995); Pesticides Act (1999); OHS Amendment (Dangerous Goods) Act (2003); Rural Lands Protection Act (1989); National Parks and Wildlife Act (1974) and Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999)

The Corporate OHS Management System of Earth Repair has been accredited by Sydney Water Corporation in accordance with the NSW Government OHS Management System Guidelines – 4th edition.


Member of AABR Australian Association of Bush Regenerators


At Earth Repair we listen carefully to our clients and strive to present the most environmentally friendly

and cost effective solutions possible.