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Bush Regeneration Services

Earth Repair provides a comprehensive range of bush regeneration services including:

  • Bush Regeneration Services.
  • Noxious and Environmental Weed Control and Management.
  • Mine Site Rehabilitation.
  • Revegetation.
  • Riparian Restoration
  • Creek Line Construction.
  • Wetland Construction.
  • Native Seed Collection, working with endangered and threatened species
  • Mulching.
  • Direct Seeding.
  • Brush-matting with local provenance species
  • Volunteer and Work For The Dole Program Supervision.
  • Soil Stabilisation, Sedimentation and Erosion Control.
  • Habitat Protection and Enhancement.
  • Creekline Reconstruction inclusing slope stabilisation
  • Vegetation Management Plans
  • Environmental education involving volunteers and communities
  • Bush Track Construction.


At Earth Repair we listen carefully to our clients and strive to present the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions possible.